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613 Evan Briggs 1988
Evan in 1988
613 Evan Briggs 2009
Evan in 2009
Evan Briggs
Portrayed by Bradford Tatum (1988)
Jack Kehler (2009)
Episode Breaking News
Status Alive

Evan Briggs was a character from "Breaking News".

He was an employee for Shaw Plastics until his wife got sick and he got fired for failing a drug test. Evan's argument with David Wyatt was caught on tape by Jane Everett. Their first meetings didn't go well but he finally talked to Jane after his wife died. Evan found out that she died from asbestos exposure and that she is not the only victim. Shaw is covering up the deaths of their employees. He was assured that Jane was going to break the story but she was murdered.

Things have gotten worse for Evan in 2009. He is a janitor, he has lost his home and he is dying from cancer despite having two remissions. After Jane's murder is solved and the scandal is exposed, he watches as Shaw CEO Andrew Powers is arrested. Evan also sees Jane's spirit for the last time.