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Evan 1972
Evan in 1972
Evan 2005
Evan in 2005
Portrayed by Unknown (1972)
Chet Grissom (2005)
Episode The Woods
Status Alive

Evan was a next-door neighbor to George Marks when the two were young boys in 1972. Evan's bedroom window faced George's, and although the two boys weren't close friends, they exchanged greetings in Morse code using flashlights.

Evan never told his parents about this, since the neighborhood was terrified of the Marks family and no one wanted their kids playing with George.

On the night of November 3, when George didn't flash Evan back, Evan snuck over to George's house to see why. Evan watched George's mother Simone Marks watering plants through a window, when he saw two burglars, later identified as Jacob Leonardo and Lee, breaking into the house. Evan turned back to Simone and was startled to see her staring straight at him, but not appearing to see him. Evan was unaware that Simone had a condition called hysterical blindness, essentially behaving as if she was blind.

Evan ran back home and never told anyone what he saw until years later, in 2005, when Detectives Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens questioned him about George.