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Esther Castillo is a minor character from "Daniela". She is the mother of the titular Daniela.

Esther's son Edwin thought of himself as a girl named Daniela. She could never wrap her head around his choice. Daniela ran away from their home in New Jersey to become her true female self. They kept some touch by telephone but they always quarreled. Esther lost contact with Daniela in 1979.

In 2004, Esther was tracked down by Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens of Philadelphia PD to ask her about her son's relationship with a missing girl. When she was shown a photo of the girl, Esther shocked them both by saying that the girl and her son are the same person. She also gave them a box of Edwin's personal effects to prove her claim.

In the epilogue, Esther accepts that Daniela is truly gone and she puts her daughter's photo in their family album.