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Eric Hynes in 1999
"Showtime" in 1999
Eric Hynes in 2009
"Showtime" in 2009
Eric "Showtime" Hynes
Portrayed by Darius McCrary
Episode Stealing Home
Status Alive

Eric Hynes (or "Showtime") is a minor character in "Stealing Home". He was a teammate of Gonzalo Luque.

Showtime and Gonzalo clashed at first but they buried the hatchet and became fast friends. He even gave Gonzalo his bat (which unfortunately was used as the murder weapon) and introduced him to Marisol Acosta.

Showtime's career did not work out so well after getting arrested for domestic assault and waving a gun in a nightclub. He played in Taiwan until he injured his hamstring. In 2009, Showtime teaches kids to play baseball from time to time.