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Emma Stone
Emma in 2007
Emma Stone
Portrayed by Tyler Kain
Episode Torn
Status Alive

Emma Stone was a college student attending a Women's Studies class taught by Janice Warner in 2007. Emma apparently did not have a mother but was close to her grandmother, Grammy Stone. After her death, Emma described her grandmother as being the closest thing to a mother that she had ever had.

After hearing about Detective Lilly Rush in one of Janice's lectures, Emma approached her a week after Grammy Stone's death and asked her to look into the unsolved murder of her great-great-aunt Frances Stone in 1919.

Emma helped Lilly and Nick Vera go through Grammy Stone's possessions to find any clues to Frances' death. They discovered Frances' diary and learned she and her friend, Philippa "Phil" Abruzzi, had attended a suffragette meeting at Alice B. Harris' house before being forcibly removed by Frances' mother, Elizabeth Stone. Emma was surprised to learn there had been a civil war going on in her family.

Lilly later returned with her partner, Scotty Valens, to tell Emma they had new information. The police report said no one was at home at the time of Frances' death except the servants. However, Phil's daughter, Audrey Abruzzi, had recalled a Sophie Tucker album playing at the time, which was Elizabeth's favorite. Some further digging uncovered a record on which Elizabeth had confessed to accidentally pushing Frances over the balcony during an argument.

In the end, during one of Janice's lectures, Emma "saw" Alice in the corner smiling at her while they studied the history of rights to suffrage for women.