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Elliot Leopold in 1998
Elliot in 1998
Elliot Leopold in 2008
Elliot in 2008
Elliot Leopold
Portrayed by Jacob Fishel
Episode Spiders
Status Arrested

Elliot Leopold was a follower of the neo-Nazi Truitt "Spider" Leland, claiming that he was attracted to Spider's message as a way to escape his messed up home life. He helped Tamyra Borden escape, but was manipulated by Rayanne Leland into killing her to "burn out" his Jewish blood.

For a decade Elliot escaped scrutiny, cutting off ties with Spider in order to gain respectability. He became an economics teacher, subtly trying to indoctrinate his students in the guise of simple talk. When the car Spider used to leave with Tamyra was traced to Elliot, Elliot lied and claimed that he had outgrown his racism. He pointed them in the direction of Spider. Ultimately, Spider's mother pointed the police to Elliot in order to save herself. Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens confronted him about how he was spreading poison, but Elliot remained smug, trying to imply that Scotty only got the job beause of affirmative action. Neither of them rose to the bait and instead mocked his hypocrisy by pointing out that because his mother was Jewish, he was technically a Jew as well. At this point Elliot became enraged and was goaded into revealing how he had "burned out" his Jewish blood. After this, Scotty and Lilly arrested him and led him out of his office in cuffs.

He is modeled after Dan Burros.