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Ellie McCormick
Eleanor "Ellie" McCormick
Portrayed by Sarah Jones
Episode Revolution
Status Deceased (1969)

Ellie McCormick is the victim in "Revolution".

In 1969, Ellie met Warren Cousins, a spirited draft dodger who was a musician at the wedding of her best friends, Suzanne and Terry Lucas. She and Warren also helped her brother Brian McCormick go through drug withdrawal. Eventually, Ellie left her longtime boyfriend/fiancé, Bud Lydecker, to be with Warren and agreed to move with him to Canada so they could start a new life together. However, she was killed by Brian during an argument over her leaving everybody she knew and loved, including him, back at home in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Brian resented that Ellie was also abandoning him when he was "stuck" (paralyzed from the Vietnam War).

In 2005, Warren sneaks back to the US to attend his father's funeral and he is arrested. He denied killing Ellie, which led to her case being reopened. After her case is closed, Warren imagines seeing Ellie outside his apartment with her suitcase, ready to begin a new life with him as they planned.