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Elisa in 2004
Elisa in 2004
Portrayed by Marisol Nichols
First Appearance Volunteers
Last Appearance Lover's Lane
Status Deceased (2005)

Elisa (last name unknown) was the childhood sweetheart of Scotty Valens.


Elsa was a schizophrenic, and Scotty kept their relationship hidden from his colleagues until she introduced herself to his partner. Elisa's illness put an end to her and Scotty's engagement, although he never seemed to show any real interest in marrying her. Scotty was unfaithful to her but he had known Elisa since childhood and still felt affection and compassion for her, and wanted help her. That's why they remained in a relationship and even lived together. She was jealous of Lilly Rush and once embarrassed Scotty in front of his partner. This lasted until May of 2004 when Elisa went to live with her sister following another relapse so that she wouldn't be alone during the day.

Later that year, Elisa was hospitalized and her condition seemed to be worsening, which wore on Scotty until he walked out on her. She seemed to be improving and was released from the hospital, until January of 2005 when she left a note detailing her earliest feelings for Scotty. The next morning, Scott learned that Elisa's body was found floating in the Schuylkill River. He felt guilty over the tragedy for a long time because she committed suicide after he broke up with her. Thus, Scotty remained convinced for a while that Elisa's death was a murder despite all evidence to the contrary.




  • Strangely, Scotty never complained about the doctors at the hospital Elisa resided in discharging a schizophrenic patient with a high risk for suicide, seemingly with no precautions. Scotty only blamed himself for her death.