Elisa in 2004
Elisa in 2004
Portrayed by Marisol Nichols
First Appearance Volunteers
Last Appearance Lover's Lane
Status Deceased (2005)

Elisa was the childhood sweetheart and eventual fiancée of Scotty Valens.


A schizophrenic, her occasional relapses put an end to their engagement, though they remained in a relationship and lived together until May of 2004, when Elisa went to live with her sister following another relapse so that she wouldn't be alone during the day. Later that year, she was hospitalized and seemed to be worsening, which wore on Scotty and caused him to reconsider their relationship. She seemed to be improving and was released from the hospital, until January of 2005 when she left a note detailing her earliest feelings for Scotty, who learned the next morning that her body was found floating in the Schuylkill River. Scotty was deeply affected by her death, and remained convinced it was a murder despite all evidence to the contrary.



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