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Edna Reed
Edna in 1944
Edna Reed
Portrayed by Carmyn Grimes
Episode WASP
Status Deceased (1944)

Edna Reed was a pilot for WASP in 1944. She had a brother overseas and it was because of him that she joined the WASPs.


Edna arrived on the first day of training along with Betty Jo Henders and Louise Patterson. She was the first to befriend Vivian Lynn. She was nervous about flying so Vivian took Edna under her wing and trained her, allowing Edna to beat her fear.

Edna was then sent up in a plane but she died when it crashed. The plane had underwent maintenance days before and Vivian was convinced that it was sabotaged. She remembered seeing Herbert "Wolf" James hanging around the plane hangar alone the night before and it made her realize that he sabotaged Edna's plane.

Vivian demanded Herbert's brother, Captain Frank James, to court-martial him for what happened to Edna but he had already one lost one brother in the war and did not plan on losing another. Vivian then filed an arrest report but her superior Iris Keening buried it, fearing that the scandal might get the WASP program shut down. Vivian threatened to report her too and it seemed to work; Vivian was told to fly solo to Mitchel Field and make the report personally. Iris then secretly sabotaged Vivian's plane while she was packing. Vivian died when her plane crashed into a reservoir in Philadelphia, where it would not be discovered until 2009.

Edna suffered further humiliation when the army would not pay to send her body home since she was technically not in the army despite undergoing training.