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Edie Lowe 2000
Edie in 2000
Edie Lowe 2006
Edie in 2006
Edie Lowe
Portrayed by Tamara Braun
Episode The Red and the Blue
Status Arrested

Edie Lowe is a character from "The Red and the Blue". She was a singer who had a gig at the Blue Star Lounge along with the Sugar Boys in 2000. Edie developed an instant attraction with Truck Sugar, who was already married.

Later that night, Edie and the Sugar Boys (minus Ty Sugar) were signed to a major record label, but they had to change their sound to pop. Truck refused to accept the deal and was shot dead by the steel guitar player, Dusty Ray. Edie fled the scene and kept her knowledge of this crime a secret.

In the end, she is being fingerprinted and possibly arrested for obstruction.