Eddie Saccardo
Eddie Saccardo
Portrayed by Bobby Cannavale
First Appearance Bad Reputation
Last Appearance Chinatown
Status Alive

Det. Eddie Saccardo is an uncouth but effective cop working Undercover.


Saccardo first assisted the squad in investigating the murder of a reformed ex-convict. The rest of the squad grew to like Eddie, with the exception of Lilly, who seemed put off at every turn. Tensions eased slightly between the two of them weeks later, however, when they worked together to find a young woman's lost son. They later began dating for a few episodes, until he had to leave for a long term assignment. He met up with Lilly the following year while still undercover and the two rekindled their relationship. His undercover work meant any type of long-term relationship was impossible, however, and Lilly would be drawn towards FBI agent Ryan Cavanaugh months later. However not much came from her attraction towards Ryan, but neither he or Eddie are mentioned again near the series finale.


Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

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