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Eddie Saccardo
Eddie Saccardo
Portrayed by Bobby Cannavale
First Appearance Bad Reputation
Last Appearance Chinatown
Status Alive

Det. Eddie Saccardo is an uncouth but effective cop working Undercover.


Eddie first appeared when the squad were investigating the murder of a reformed ex-convict Pete Doyle. The rest of her squad liked him, especially when he brought them barbecue as thanks. The next time he appeared, he and Lilly began to get along when he helped the squad find Priscilla Chapin's son,Max Chapin.

They later started to date which was put on hold when he had to leave for a long term assignment. He returned whilst still undercover after Moe was let out on bail. At first, he contacted her through a blocked number and sent photos of her that he had taken. It was only after she had someone trace the number that she realized he had returned.

As they started spending time together again, he got her an untraceable gun to use against Moe, but she hid it in her fireplace and claimed that she threw it in the Schuylkill River. One day, Lilly spotted a shoebox with drugs and money under his couch and later he got an Italian car and a diamond bracelet that he gave her.

After he went back undercover, Lilly would be drawn towards FBI agent Ryan Cavanaugh months later. However not much came from her attraction towards Ryan, but neither he or Eddie are mentioned again near the series finale.


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