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Eddie Foster
Episode Bad Night
Status Deceased (C. 1978)

Eddie Foster was a disturbed individual who stabbed and killed a girl in the Grays Ferry area on October 28, 1978 while dressed up as the character Michael Myers from the film Halloween. After witnesses saw him in costume, local groups called on theatres to stop showing the film. Foster was later arrested for her murder, as well as the murder of Angus Bistrong who was found stabbed to death in the same area the following night. Foster later killed himself a week before his trial.

Angus' mother Elena Bistrong had never felt right about Foster being her son's killer. In 2005, she found a letter written to Angus from Vicky Leoni after he'd asked her to marry him. She was convinced it was connected to her son's murder and approached detective Lilly Rush about it. Her assumption proved correct and led to the arrest of Angus' real killer Ian McGowan. After Ian had stabbed Angus to death in an argument, he saw a news report on TV about "the real Halloween killer" having killed the Grays Ferry girl, which gave him the idea to leave Angus' body in the area and frame Foster for the murder.