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Eddie Clark 1982
Eddie in 1982
Eddie Clark 2010
Eddie in 2010
Eddie Clark
Portrayed by Jeorge Watson (1982)
Earl Billings (2010)
Episode Bombers
Status Alive

Eddie Clark is a minor character in "Bombers".

He was homeless and staying in the sewers in 1982. Eddie and some other homeless met a boy painting a beautiful mural titled "When all is darkest, men see stars".

Eddie's gotten off the streets and helps other homeless in a shelter in 2010. He saw a police poster inquiring about a graffiti artist named Carlos Espinosa. It was the same boy that he met way back when so he took Kat Miller and Will Jeffries to the mural. They realized that the star pattern Carlos drew was the same one used by Gina Lopresi on her dresses, which briefly made her a suspect in his death.