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Ed in 1953
Ed Valentine
Portrayed by Wiley Pickett
Episode Devil Music
Status Deceased (1995)

Ed Valentine is a character from "Devil Music". He is the husband of Juliana Valentine, father of JP Valentine and uncle of Bingo Zohar.

Ed fought in World War II. In 1953, he owned the Five-and-Dime, a diner where teens hung out. Ed had been having an affair with the waitress working for him.

Ed believed in conformity like most of the adults in his town; he hated rhythm & blues and derisively referred to it as "devil music". Ed fired Aces Brown after Bingo accidentally left an R&B record in the jukebox and later offered Aces' job to his nephew. Ed hoped to curb Bingo's musical aspirations when he got an offer from American Bandstand. Shortly after, his .45 pistol was used by JP to murder Bingo.

Ed passed away in 1995, 12 years before Bingo's case was reopened.