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Ed in 2006
Ed in 2008
Ed Rierdan
Portrayed by Bob Hiltermann
Episode Andy in C Minor
Status Alive

Ed Rierdan was murder victim Andy Rierdan’s caring and nurturing father. It destroyed him when his and his wife, Julia’s, only child lost his hearing permanently as Ed cherished his son’s love for music. Before Andy became deaf, he was a music prodigy, being an extremely talented pianist. But that was ruined by his disability. And Ed would the one who always took Andy to his practices and concerts. But as shown by many scenes in this episode, Andy wouldn’t let his disability stop him! As a result, Ed, he would be accused of killing his own son over Andy’s long growing determination to hear again; Ed's own deafness caused him problems at work when he couldn't advance any higher due to being "limited". But that wasn't the case, as Ed came around to Andy's desire. Another person who also deeply cared for Andy and feared being left behind once he heard again would be his murderer: his own best friend, Carlos Ramirez, a boy that Andy knew since the beginning of high school.