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Ed Marteson 2006
Ed in 2006
Ed Marteson 2007
Ed in 2007
Ed Marteson
Portrayed by Joe Reegan
Episode Stalker
Status Deceased (2007)

Ed Marteson (aka "Romeo") was Kim Jacobi's stalker and killed her family in 2006 to "save her" from all the "pain" they caused to her.

Ed was obsessed with finding a companion-a woman who would always be there for him and he for her, and to give him the love and attention he had never received in his life and desperately wanted. Kim and Ed would get involved, not personally, but by only calling each other. However, the messaging was actually done by her mother, Emily, who only wanted to get into contact with some friends and was pretending to be her daughter, which went horribly wrong.

After Kim was hospitalized from Ed's massacre of her family, he took care of her at the hospital over the months she she was comatose, as he worked as a nurse there and was determined to still be with her. When the police realized he was Kim's stalker and killed the Jacobis, Ed took Kim and them hostage. He refused to believe that it was Emily, not Kim, messaging him, meaning Kim never loved him. Detective Scotty Valens shot and killed Ed, but not before he shot and seriously injured Detective Lilly Rush.

Known Victims[]