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Ed Dubinski
Ed in 2007
Ed Dubinski
Portrayed by Zack Ward
Episode Lotto Fever
Status Deceased (2007)

Ed Dubinski was a Fishtown mechanic that was murdered in October 2007 by his sister, six months after winning an 8 million dollar prize in the Pennsylvania State Lottery.


Ed was born in a poor family. His mother died when he was a child and his father was sent to prison not so much after, leaving him to be raised by his elder sister Pam and her companion, Marty Bayer. Marty taught Ed how to repair things at their shop. Those who knew him before said that even at 34 he was joyful and childish.

This attitude would turn to be be fatal after he won the lottery in May 24, 2007. Not realzing that the money would not last forever, Ed quit his job at Tommy Demos' garage and began to waste large sums in expensive whims or giving them to family and friends (both old ones or that popped overnight, such as professional gold digger Nikki Atkins, who became his fiancée). At the same time he was contacted by Roger Weaver, an administrator that made a living attracting clueless lottery winners and demanding an abusive sum for his services.

In the end, he lost all but $100,000 and catching onto Weaver's scheme, took the money back but to everyone else, apparently lost it all. His sister asked him for money, needing it after overextending herself on a construction project.

Believing she would get it if he died as she was his only living relative and enraged at Ed's refusal to loan her the money, she pushed her husband Marty to murder him.

She then attempts to throw him under the bus but Lily gets her to admit she was the true mastermind of the plot.

When was demanded of him what became of the money, he revealed that he left it to the only person who truly needed it, but never asked for it. His case was finally reopened when his sister used his bank card to check his accounts and try to find the money. Pam and Marty were arrested for the murder and the Cold Case squad finally figured out what he did with the money: while working at the garage he had a friend named Shelly Reid who constantly needed her car fixed and could barely afford it and Ed did his best to help her out always. They realize that she was the one person who never asked for his money and checked the trunk of her car (left at the garage as she was unable to pay for the repairs or to get it out) and find the remaining $100,000 in the trunk, ensuring that his remaining winnings finally went to the person he wanted to have them and felt deserved them, presumably making her life better.