Dylan 1994.jpg
Dylan in 1994
Dylan 2007.jpg
Dylan in 2007
Dylan Noakes
Portrayed by Nicholas Downs (1994)
Kirk Acevedo (2007)
Episode Thrill Kill
Status Alive

In 1994, Dylan Noakes was a troubled 17 year old boy who was considered an outcast at school. He bonded with another outcast named Teddy Nimmo over their respective miserable home lives (Dylan had been shuttled through the foster care system since the age of 5, Teddy lived alone with a crack addict mother and no father). They also bullied George Russo, Sean Costley and Jack Raymes. One day, he was spray painting in the pool when he stumbled across their corpses. He took the dog out of morbid curoisity, but fled after a homeless man saw him. The homeless man's anonymous tip, Dylan and Teddy's negative reputation as freaks and loners, a forced confession from Teddy and an indifferent lawyer ensured that Teddy and Dylan were convicted of the crime. They were beaten as they were taken out of the courthouse.

13 years later, Teddy committed suicide, and his mother found a letter that the real killer had sent to Teddy. Lilly Rush humored her, and agreed to reopen the case. After the first interview, she and the rest of the team discovered evidence that cast doubt on the boys' committing the murder. This prompted a second interveiw with Lilly, during which they struck up a rapport. Unfortunately, they tracked down the homeless man and came to believe that Dylan had killed the boys alone. Lilly interviewed Dylan a third time, trying to both extract a confession and learn why he had taped their eyes shut. Instead Dylan shouted out that he had thought he knew what true darkness had been, but was wrong. This cryptic comment caused Lilly to calm down and agree to hear him out. Dylan told her about how he had discovered the bodies, noting how Jack's stuffed animal had been placed in his arms with loving care. The details of the story convinced Lilly, and the comment about the position the doll had been found led her back to Jack's father, Henry Raymes. Ultimately, Lilly was able to get Henry's wife to admit that she had found one of her husband's flashlights covered in blood, as well as her husband's evasive and erratic behavior when he saw her holding it. Using this information and Henry's own fear of the dark, Stillman and Scotty were able to trap Henry into confessing. Henry was arrested for the crime, and Dylan was released shortly afterwards. He met Teddy's mother, and saw Teddy's ghost.

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