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Dwight Barnes 1979
Dwight in 1979
Dwight Barnes 2009
Dwight in 2009
Dwight Barnes
Portrayed by Michael Trotter (1979/1980)
Robert Romanus (2009)
Episode Iced
Status Arrested

Dwight Barnes is a character from "Iced". He was the best friend of Tommy Flanagan since 3rd grade.

Dwight worked odd jobs around the skating rink like driving a Zamboni or the snowplow in 1983. He told Tommy's brother Sean Flanagan that he wanted to try out ice hockey, too.

On the night of the miracle on ice, Dwight found Tommy at the rink practicing slap shots. Tommy told him that he knows that he raped Molly Heaton and got her pregnant. They get into an argument. Dwight bludgeoned Tommy after he was called a loser. He left Tommy to die on the ice.

By 2009, Dwight still works at the rink manning a magazine stand. He lied that he was driving the snowplow when Tommy died and kept pointing to Cullen Masters as the killer. Molly came clean about the rape. Lilly Rush and Nick Vera tricked Dwight into confessing with a fake birth certificate for his biological daughter. The interrogation got heated and Nick had to use force to get Dwight's DNA. Dwight was eventually arrested.