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Dottie Mills 1958
Dottie in 1958
Dottie Mills 2006
Dottie in 2006
Dottie Mills
Portrayed by Cari Shayne (1958)
Julie Adams (2006)
Episode Static
Status Arrested

​Dottie Mills (formerly Hawkins) is the ex-wife and murderer of John "The Hawk" Hawkins and the mother of their daughter, Jenny Hawkins.

Her mother died young and she was raised by her father, an aspiring musician. Dottie grew up in poverty since her father refused to give up on his dream, until he committed suicide when she was only in 5th grade, deeply scarring her. Due to her past trauma, Dottie killed Hawk when he encouraged Jenny to pursue her dream of becoming a singer, as she did not want their daughter to follow the same path of her own father.


  • The confession, written by Lilly, that Dottie is shown signing appears briefly onscreen. In the first person, it sets the stage for the shooting by saying Dottie "went to see my husband", referring to Hawk. It is hard to imagine that Dottie would actually have used these words, as at the time of the shooting she was married to another man who had adopted Jenny.