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You may be looking for Dottie Mills.

Dottie 1943
Dottie in 1943
Dottie 2004
Dottie in 2004
Portrayed by Jenna Fischer (1943)
Shirley Knight (2004)
Episode Factory Girls
Status Alive

Dottie was the secretary of Henry Walker during World War II. She was the main suspect of killing Alice Miller.

Dottie is a prim and proper lady, which she takes pride in. She is domestic-minded, only does feminine jobs instead of factory work, and refuses to consort with other women of low repute. This isolates her from the rest of the factory workers. Even in the present day, she is a loner with only her lap dog for company.

Dottie was in love with Alice's husband, Nelson Miller, and witnessed their marriage crumble as Alice wanted to keep working while Nelson wanted her to stop. When he is arrested for Alice's murder, Dottie can only watch from her house as the man she wasted her life pining for gets taken away. When Nelson makes eye contact with her, Dottie simply shakes her head in disapproval at his actions.