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Doreen Denova in 1978
Doreen in 1978
Doreen Denova in 2004
Doreen in 2004
Doreen Denova
Portrayed by Nichole Hiltz (1978)
Robin Riker (2004)
Episode Disco Inferno
Status Alive

Doreen Denova is a character from "Disco Inferno".

She is a hairdresser in 2004 but was a disco dancer in 1978. Doreen was a rival to Sonya Witkowski, who was the dance partner of Benny Rosen while she was stuck with Ken Mazzacone, who was too addicted to cocaine to perform.

Doreen promised Paul Chaney sexual favors in exchange for hurting Benny so that she and Ken could have a chance at winning a dance contest. This instead led to Benny's murder and the burning down of the Bell Club.

It's unknown if Doreen was charged with incitement.