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Donna D'Amico
Donna in 1981
Donna D'Amico
Portrayed by Frankie Ingrassia
Episode The Dealer
Status Deceased (1981)

Donna D'Amico was the victim in "The Dealer". She was a car saleswoman at Steed Motors in 1981.

Donna initially worked as a greeter under the sales manager Mickey Thompson, but proved her worth to the company as a dealer. This led to her replacing Sanil Hindocha, who was fired.

Problems would arise when Donna charmed a man who never bought a car into getting one. The dealership's finance man, Frank Wilson, was involved in a scheme with Thompson that included selling cars to wholesale dealers. Regardless, Donna received the bonus she'd competed with the other dealers for, including Oscar Anderson. Her daughter Marisa loved to play piano and wanted one, so Donna was planning to use the bonus to buy her a Lester piano.

Upon checking on Oscar (who hadn't sold a car in months and was now cleaning them), he became angry and jealous that Donna had won the bonus by stealing one of his customers. He killed her via blunt force trauma when he beat her with a wheel wrench. Oscar then stuffed Donna's body into a car trunk to be left in a salvage yard. She was presumed to have disappeared.

Donna's case was reopened when her remains were found in 2008. In the epilogue, her spirit appears to a now grown up Marisa.