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Don Bardwill 1982
Don in 1982
Don Bardwill 2010
Don in 2010
Don Bardwill
Portrayed by Edward Carnevale (1982)
Michael Badalucco (2010)
Episode Bombers
Status Alive

Don Bardwill is a character in "Bombers". He was an overzealous graffiti remover in 1982. Don first saw Carlos Espinosa getting beat up by the NRKE crew led by King Tut when he painted over Tut's wall.

He started getting anonymous tips about taggers and he always found Carlos. One night, Don found Carlos and his friend Leon on the roof of a building. Carlos jumped to another building. Leon did the same but missed by a few inches. Carlos tried to pull him up but he could not hold on and Leon fell to his death. Don told him to run before police arrive. Don lied to the police that he witnessed Leon die alone. The incident changed his life and he came to see taggers as just kids.

Don is head of the Graffiti Removal Commission in 2010. He had been working on catching "Turbo 102", who had been tagging the city for 30 years. Don found out that Turbo was Leon's nickname and 102 refers to October 2, which was the date that he died. He then helped the cold case team by removing the white wash from the wall where Carlos' body was found and uncovered a giant mural of Tut being labeled a snitch. He then identified Tut for real as his informant.

Don is last seen helping Gina Lopresi and some kids spray paint Carlos' mural to Leon near the place where he died. Carlos' mother Sonia Espinosa also attended to lay flowers for her son.