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Dominic in 1999
Dominic in 2004
Dominic LaSalle
Portrayed by Alec Medlock (1999)
Jason Dohring (2004)
Episode The Plan
Status Unknown

Dominic LaSalle was the first abuse victim of Nash Cavanaugh, his swim coach/teacher.


At some point his parents shipped him off to the Wilkes Military Academy For Boys where he was abused by Nash Cavanaugh.

After Jerry had taken some of Nash's magazines to show the other kids, they came up with a plan to get back at Nash. He was the one who wrote the plan. The night the boys put the plan in motion, Dominic was stuck dealing with Nash. When the plan had fallen out of his pocket, he went back to get it.

Years later he would shoot himself after revealing that while he wrote the plan, he didn't send it to the cops.