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Dom in 1963
Dom in 2007
Dom Barron
Portrayed by Jonathan Keltz (1963)
David Selby (2007)
Episode Boy Crazy
Status Arrested

Dom Barron is a character from "Boy Crazy".


He met Sam Randall when she became the new girl in class. Dom did not know what to make of her choice to dress like a boy. Soon though, they bonded after Sam helped him win a drag race. They promised that they will never let the world change them--they will live free or die trying. He was then kissed by her. Dom pushed Sam away as he was confused by her boyish appearance and afraid of also being labeled "queer". Janey Davis witnessed the incident and told everyone at school. Dom ignored Sam at school the next day, even when she was assaulted by Red Buckley and his friends. Sam was then expelled.

However, Dom cared about Sam much more than he let on because he rushed to her rescue at the mental hospital she was admitted into. With the help of Nurse Polly Leonard, he snuck into the building at night but was sadly too late as Sam was already brain dead from electroshock therapy. Dom then cried and begged her to come back but all she could mutter was "Don't I look pretty?" and "Make me free". Remembering their pact, Dom gave Sam a goodbye kiss and proceeded to smother her with a pillow. He then dumped her body in the lake.


Dom is a painter in 2007. In the final confrontation, the cold case team realize that the blank figure going against the elements who was always the subject of his paintings is Sam herself. Dom imagines seeing Sam as he is arrested.