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Dmitri Koslov 1989
Dmitri in 1989
Dmitri Koslov 2008
Dmitri in 2008
Dmitri Koslov
Portrayed by Jon Paul deFabry (1989)
Jared Bell (2008)
Episode Triple Threat
Status Alive

Dmitri Koslov, is the young brother of the murdered victim Nadia Koslov and son of Leo Koslov. When he was a kid, he was doubtful about the police at first, but when he met Nick Vera which at that time a rookie cop, he was convinced and trusted him later on. As the year passed by, they met each other again after he discovered his sisters bag which had the Philadelphia logo attached to it was been stolen by Michael "Beamer" Hyacinth, and as the detectives recovered it from him who stole it in the first place, this gives a lead for Detective Vera to reopen her case once more to know what really caused her death in the first place.