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Dirk Bryant
Portrayed by James Immekus
Episode The Promise
Status Alive

Dirk Bryant was the best friend of murder victim Laurie Dunne. At the time of Laurie's death, they weren't as close as they used to be when they were younger. Dirk became involved with a group of boys (his fraternity brothers and fellow pledges).

The fraternity boys weren't the nicest people ever: they were rude, careless, dominating, etc; however, his fellow pledges were just like Dirk: sweet, caring, but a bit naive and wanted the older guys to like them and allow them to be a part of their ground. And Laurie remained the same: nerdy, cheerful and confident. She became close to a group of people like that which was mostly made up of girls. One of the girls, Deidre Miller became exceptionally close Laurie.

After Laurie's death, Dirk hid a horrible secret: he saw her die after being locked inside of a room in the fraternity house by one of his fraternity brothers, Manny Jones during a fire which was sadly caused by Deidre. Manny's motive for Laurie's death was a mixture of silence and the heat of the moment. Dirk tried to break the door down after Manny locked it with Laurie inside. He then climbed out the window and across the roof towards the room where Laurie was. The window was barred shut, Dirk held on to the bars screaming for help. Laurie made Dirk promise to look after her Pop for her. He tried to keep her talking but the smoke proved to be to much and she died in his arms. All the while saying that he wouldn't let her go over and over again.