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Diane Yates 2010
Diane Yates
Portrayed by Melissa Ordway (1980)
Susanna Thompson (2010)
First Appearance The Last Drive-In
Last Appearance Free Love
Status Alive

Agent Diane Yates was an eye-witness to a serial killer.


She was out at a drive-in on a date. When her date went to put the roof up, he was shot by Paul Shepard right in front of her. She would later went on to work for the police where she met John Stillman. Due to him treating her well, she ended up breaking up his marriage. After it ended, she then ended up joining the FBI.

In 2010, she returned and began working with Lilly Rush to look into the case of a serial killer. At first she rubbed the squad the wrong way with her attitude, but they were able to work with her nonetheless. After getting a post officer shot, it is revealed that she wasn't put on the case by her fellow FBI Agent Ryan Cavanaugh. However, she still ended up staying on the case.

When out drinking with John, she revealed that her mother has alzheimers and in Free Love, her mother suffered a stroke.