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Diane Gilbert 1996
Diane in 1996
Diane Gilbert 2007
Diane in 2007
Diane Gilbert
Portrayed by Lindsey McKeon
Episode Blackout
Status Alive

Diane Gilbert is one of the five suspects from "Blackout".

Diane came from a poor district in Tinley Arkansas, where she was a unmarried mother of three children, who were living with her mother. In 1996, she was briefly engaged to the rich Stan Williams, but she kept her background a secret for him, in order to securely finance her family. However her plans failed, when she met Stan's ex-wife Lauren Williams, came to the birthday of Stan's grandson Matt and snowstorm caused a blackout. Lauren revealed to Stan of her background and her three children, which led to Stan calling off their engagement.

In 2007, she was interrogated by detectives Rush and Vera revealing to her that Lauren was murdered instead of dying by a accident. They brought up her motive for wanting to kill her because Lauren ruined her chances to marry in the rich Williams family, to which Diane doesn't deny. However, she brings up how the blackout was a blessing for her, after seeing how dysfunctional the Williams family was when she witnessed Lauren strained relationship with her son Tad.

Diane was probably was unaware that Lauren molested her son and grandson. The case revealed it was Lauren's daughter Ginny who killed when she found out Lauren was molesting her son.