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Devon Leoni 1978
Devon in 1978
Devon Leoni 2005
Devon in 2005
Devon Leoni
Portrayed by Jordan Moser (1978)
Kyle Reed (2005)
Episode Bad Night
Status Alive

Devon Leoni was the son of Alex Leoni and the younger brother of Vicky Leoni in "Bad Night",

Devon and Vicky were raised alone by his father after their mother died early. When his sister was paralysed after she and Angus Bistrong were involved in a car accident in 1978, Devon was particularly upset as Vicky had always looked out for him. He held out hope that she could walk again longer than most, but like the rest of Vicky's friends and family, he blamed Angus.

Devon would later say he tried to "disappear" and not upset anyone in his house after the accident. On October 29, six months after the accident, however, Devon came home to find Angus standing on the porch, asking Vicky to marry him, which outraged Devon. He threatened to wake his father if Angus didn't leave. Angus was stabbed to death later that night.

Devon had wanted to dress up as Michael Myers for Halloween that year and got a mask, a grey jumper, and even a long knife covered with stage blood to look as real as possible. After Devon heard about the murder, he hid the knife in a closet, not wanting his father to see it. What Devon didn't know was Vicky found the knife soon after and, believing her father had killed Angus, moved out and broke off contact with him.

Angus' death was originally linked to Eddie Foster, a man who had killed a girl while himself dressed as Michael Myers. In 2005, however, Angus' case was reopened. Devon was questioned by Detective Scotty Valens and told him about the night Angus had asked Vicky to marry him. Devon also revealed that he'd often seen Vicky's ex-boyfriend Craig skulking around outside the house after the accident, which led to them questioning him as well.

In the end, it was discovered that the cause of Vicky's paralysis hadn't been the car accident itself, but firefighter Ian McGowan's overzealous attempt to free her from the wreck. Ian, who Vicky later married, had killed Angus after Angus figured out the truth and confronted Ian about it. After Ian was arrested, Alex and Devon were reunited with Vicky.