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Derek Jackson
Derek in 2003
Derek Jackson
Portrayed by Arjay Smith
Episode Look Again
The Badlands
Status Deceased (2003)

Derek Jackson was a 17-year-old boy who worked as a waiter for Della and Tom Lincoln. His murder case occurred in "Look Again".


Derek had an older brother, Tre Jackson who was an addict, causing the Lincolns to believe that Tre was an irresponsible and unsafe guardian. They hoped to guide Derek onto a better path by working at their diner. Unbeknownst to Derek, his brother was jealous of his relationship with the Lincolns.

After Tre killed Tom while robbing the diner for drug money, he severely injured Della. Derek tried to save Della, who was still alive, but barely. He then tried to talk Tre down from doing any more damage by saying he loved him and the Lincolns are also "family". Unfortunately, those were the wrong words for Derek to say as Tre grew angrier at Della and Tom. He then forced Derek to drag their bodies into the bathroom. When Derek insisted that they call the police, he was shot dead too, despite his insistence that Tre wouldn't kill his own brother.

In the epilogue, Lilly Rush imagines Derek still working at the now reopened diner, but he disappears as a new busboy has taken his place.