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Deidre Miller
Portrayed by Kristina Sexton
Episode The Promise
Status Arrested

Deidre Miller was one of the two killers of Laurie Dunne, her friend and fellow freshman at Pennsylvania State University. She would kill her by setting the fraternity house she and other students were in during a party was going on on fire. Everybody, miraculously got out....except Laurie, who was forcefully trapped and left to die by her second assailant Manny Jones, one of the boys whose was and still is part of Gamma Rho, the fraternity that was holding the bash. Their reasons for killing Laurie are as follow: Deidre was furious that her classmate/schoolmate and friend "betrayed" her and their other pals by going back into the "house of horror" and to talk to her now off/on best friend Dirk Bryant, a boy she was very close to and knew since middle school and high school but who also drifted away from her when they went off to college together, much to her dismay. But they still talked and saw each other.

Sadly, Dirk didn't know what was in store for Laurie, Deidre, and the rest of the group, all girls when they came for the party. Manny and the other veterans of Gamma Rho secretly turned the party half into a brutal hazing ritual called "Hog Night", where the girls were blindfolded and put onto scales to be weighed, as they were not the healthiest bunch. When told to take off their blindfolds off, they were mortified by the sight they saw: all the brothers were wearing pig masks, teasing them with noises, and laughing at them. But what was the last straw was seeing themselves on the scales and their weights broadcasted on sashes, also done by the boys.

But the lowest thing done to HER, just her was being raped by Councilman Joseph Avery, who just happened to be at the party. He was a graduate of the school and a man with a unsavory habit of harassing, sexually women, preferably younger women. So, she would set the house on fire with everybody still inside, plus "the traitor" Laurie to punish them.