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Deborah 1964
Deborah in 1964
Deborah 2003
Deborah in 2003
Portrayed by Melissa Yvonne Lewis (1964)
Kathleen Lloyd (2003)
Episode A Time to Hate
Status Alive

Deborah was the girlfriend of Daniel Holtz, until she found him and their classmate/friend, Henry Phillips kissing. They became friends after he admitted that he loved her, but not as much as he loved Hank. Danny's mother told them that she wrote the Holtzs’ a very nice letter when Danny died and the last she heard of her, she was applying to med school. Years later, Deborah is a doctor and when she is asked about Danny's murder, she told Detectives Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens that she believed that Danny was being blackmailed because he needed a chunk of money all of the sudden. Deborah also tells them, "Danny didn't deserve what happened to him. Even though I was the one who got her heart broken, Danny wasn't cruel, the world was."