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Dean London in 1960
Dean in 1960
Dean London in 2008
Dean in 2008
Dean London
Portrayed by David Giuntoli (1960)
Lee Majors (2008)
Episode Wings
Status Alive

Dean London is a character from "Wings".

In 1960, Dean was a first officer at GWA. He struck up a relationship with stewardess Ally Thurston. Dean was aware that his superior Rowland Hughes harassed the stewardesses but turned a blind eye to it, even when Hughes was harassing Ally in front of him. He soon became concerned that her protesting against GWA would ruin his career. Dean instead got a promotion and even asked Ally to marry him but she refused. When Ally disappeared, he thought she just ran away with some other man. Over the decades, Dean started collecting trinkets from around the world like Ally used to.

Dean sees Ally's spirit in the end after her murder is solved.