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Dean Garvey 1953
Dean in 1953
Dean Garvey 2004
Dean in 2004
Dean Garvey
Portrayed by Patrick J. Adams (1953)
Dion Anderson (2004)
Episode Red Glare
Status Alive

Dean Garvey is a character from "Red Glare". He is the older son of Elliot Garvey.

In 1953, he was a typical all-American boy but the accusations that his father Elliot was a Communist dashed his hopes and dreams. Elliot lost his teaching job, the family become social pariahs, and Dean was kicked off the baseball team and Eagle Scouts while his girlfriend, Heather, left him. Dean angrily vandalized the family car to convince his father to testify before the Committee of Un-American Activities, rejecting Elliot's apology and demanding he set things right. Unbeknownst to him, this act indirectly set up Elliot's death.

In 2004, Dean is an old man who coaches little league baseball. He is still embittered by the Communist accusations and secretly guilt-ridden over his inadvertent role in his father's death. The closing of his father's case allows the Garvey family to reconcile.