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Dayton Moore 1995
Dayton in 1995
Dayton Moore 2006
Dayton in 2006
Dayton Moore
Portrayed by Jonny Pacar (1995)
Patrick Scott Lewis (2006)
Episode Rampage
Status Alive

Dayton Moore was once a friend of gunmen Cameron Coulter and Neal Hanlon, and a near-victim of their shooting at Woodland Valley Mall in "Rampage".


Cameron and Neal used to play online video games with Dayton, but one more often than the others called Renegade Massacre. Dayton's online ID was "The Widow Maker". He was a close friend of Cameron and Neal, but this friendship would dissolve as they entered high school after Dayton started hanging out with a group of popular jocks, including Zack. Dayton joined his new friends in their bullying, especially against Cameron and Neal.

A couple of months before the shooting, Zack, Dayton, and a group of boys were sitting in Woodland Valley Mall, talking about and making fun of other kids. They called over Neal, who was working, and Zack threw a fry on the floor for him to clean up. Neil swept it up and started to walk away, but then Zack threw his hotdog on the ground. Neil picked up the hotdog, took a bite and stared down Zack. Dayton witnessed Cameron walk over and say, "Someone should take an Uzi to this freakin' mall" before pretending to shoot Zack.

An hour before the shooting, Dayton found Zack's friends in the mall office hallway, listening against a door as Zack was with his ex, Tina. Zack came out and pulled Tina's underwear from his pocket, causing his friends to laugh. Tina tried to leave but the boys wouldn't let her. Dayton protested to let her go but Zack pushed him away. The other boys began assaulting Tina in the office. One of them held Dayton against the wall, preventing him from intervening. He could do nothing while Tina screamed. Davie Shulman walked by and heard the commotion. He tried to help Tina as well, but the boys beat Davie up and walked off. Dayton told Davie he tried to stop them but Davie shouted, "I'll put a bullet in all your heads!"

During the shooting, Dayton managed to escape and found Tina tending to a wounded security guard, Barry Lewis. He remorsefully said, "I did this... all of it... it's all my fault".

In the aftermath, Dayton developed PTSD from the massacre, to the point he couldn't stay in a room with a closed door.

In 2006, Dayton was questioned by the police about his connection to the shooters. An agitated Dayton explained to Detectives Rush and Miller that he stopped playing video games with Cameron and Neal long before the incident; he thought they were freaks and that they took Renegade Massacre too seriously. However, he regretted acting like a jerk back in high school.

Later, Rush and Stillman suspected Dayton was the third shooter. Rush played a portion of the taped massacre but Dayton cried for it to stop and got up to leave. Stillman pulled Dayton's face over to the TV screen to make him talk. Dayton admitted he blamed himself for not being able to stop Zack and his friends from gang-raping Tina, which led to the shooting.