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Dawn Hill 1994
Dawn in 1994
Dawn Hill 2006
Dawn in 2006
Dawn Hill
Portrayed by Nikki Robinson (1994)
Kristen Ariza (2006)
Episode Detention
Status Alive

Dawn Hill is a character from "Detention". She seemed to be a typical overachiever in high school with a bright future, but harbored a dark secret.

Dawn first started bonding with her classmate Trevor Dawson in 1994 while she was working at the Teen Hotline and he was depressed after the death of his idol Kurt Cobain. Eventually, Dawn revealed her identity to Trevor and they began dating. She confided in him that she was being sexually abused by her stepfather, Philip Hill.

Disgusted by what he had learned, Trevor and his friends, Boris Litvack and Raquel Montero, decided to kill Philip. They all get themselves get put in detention, sneak out and steal a gun that was hidden by another student. However, the girls chickened out, leaving the boys to confront Philip. Only Boris came back with the news that Philip is still alive and Trevor had killed himself. The three then continued to pretend to not know each other. It's likely that Dawn endured more years of abuse.

In 2006, Dawn has become a doctor. When the Cold Case team reopens Trevor's case, she becomes their most valuable but also most difficult witness as she lies to them multiple times. Dawn finally stands up to Philip, leading to his arrest. In the end of the episode, she and Raquel set up a memorial for Trevor. Dawn also meets his parents.