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Davie Shulman 1995
Davie in 1995
Davie Shulman 2006
Davie in 2006
Davie Shulman
Portrayed by Martin Spanjers (1995)
David Clayton Rogers (2006)
Episode Rampage
Status Alive

Davie Shulman is a character in "Rampage". He was one of the survivors of the Woodland Valley Mall Massacre on September 23rd, 1995.


In 1995, Davie was a stock boy at an electronics store in Woodland Valley Mall. He was friends and classmates with Tina, who Davie secretly harbored a crush on. Unfortunately for him, she was too hung up on her ex-boyfriend Zack to notice, despite Davie's reminders that he wasn't good to her. He let Tina steal a video camera from his store.

Days later, Davie witnessed Zack and his friends brutally gang-rape Tina in a back room of the mall. Along with one of the boys, Dayton Moore, he tried to help her, but was beaten up by the bullies before they walked off. Dayton told Davie he tried to stop them but Davie shouted, "I'll put a bullet in all your heads!"

In the aftermath, he tried to console Tina and convince her to report her attackers. When a traumatized Tina refused because Zack didn't force her (at first), Davie got upset and coldly agreed because "what's the big deal?" Davie's moment of spite led to Tina approaching Cameron Coulter and Neal Hanlon, who had just walked in the mall with guns. The two boys then shot up the place. Davie survived and regretted not stopping Tina.

By 2006, Davie is working as a stable boy. He claims that the mall massacre caused him to withdraw from people. Davie and Tina also drifted apart after he dropped out of school.

11 years after the shooting, Davie was questioned when the video camera Tina took from his store turned up with footage of the shooting. He would later be accused by the detectives of being "the third man/suspect" in the attack due to what happened to Tina. However, Davie was found innocent of the accomplice charge while Tina was not; she was the third suspect because she wanted to avenge her assault and make her attackers, especially Zack, pay.