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David Quinn 1968
David in 1968
David Quinn 1969
David in 1969
David Quinn
Portrayed by Richard Blake
Episode Free Love
Status Deceased (1969)

David Quinn is the victim in "Free Love". He was a soldier of the US 1st Infantry Division, or The Big Red 1.

David met Annabelle Bennet on the train in 1968 while he was going overseas to Vietnam and she was on her way to attend Cornell University. The attraction was instant. She gave him her copy of Catch-22 to remember her by.

David came back to the States a year later and went looking for Annabelle at the Woodstock music festival. They rekindled their relationship and kissed under a tree. They then made love in the barn of Al Wasserlauf. David stayed around and helped Al on his farm. He confided in Annabelle how horrible Vietnam was and that he wanted to run away with her to Canada. He asked her to wait for him under their tree while he sold his car to Al.

When he returned to the barn, David found Al rummaging through his things. Al found David's orders to report back for his second tour. Al knew that David was selling his car to him to desert the army. Al pulled a gun on him and called him a coward. David tried to explain the atrocities going on in Vietnam but Al wouldn't listen, bitter that he couldn't serve again due to an injury. There was a struggle and David was shot. He went back to the tree but did not find Annabelle and he died there.

In 2010, David's case was reopened at random by the Director of the FBI to test if Lilly Rush was good enough for the bureau. She solved the case when she realized that since David sold his car, and it has never surfaced, it means Al still had it.

In the epilogue, Annabelle (now Congresswoman Bennett) imagines seeing David in his uniform like the day they first met.