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David Cage
ADA Cage in 2006
ADA David Cage
Portrayed by T. E. Russell
Episode The River
Status Alive

David Cage was an Assistant District Attorney with the Philadelphia DA's office, assigned as a riding DA to Philadelphia PD's Homicide squad to replace ADA William Danner in 2006.

Danner had been fired from the DA's office after it was discovered he had withheld evidence in the Kate Lange murder case, causing an innocent man being executed, which led to Danner being punched by an incensed Detective Will Jeffries.

Cage was eager to mend fences with the squad after the events that had led to Danner's dismissal. He introduced them to Edwina Davis, a new witness who had come forward in the the 1984 shooting of Grant Bowen.

As Jeffries had been confined to desk duty since hitting Danner, Jeffries' lieutenant, John Stillman asked Cage to arrange for Jeffries to be restored to active duty. Cage pointed out that only the DA had the authority to do that, but agreed to put in a good word for him.

Cage kept his promise and Jeffries was reinstated soon after.