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Darren Musk 1999
Darren in 1999
Darren Musk 2009
Darren in 2009
Coach Darren Musk
Portrayed by Reed Diamond
Episode Forensics
Status Arrested

Darren Musk is a character from "Forensics". He is a debate coach at Maynard Green, a prestigious private high school. Darren always bragged about going to the Forensics Tournament of America finals in 1987.

He saw great talent in Luke Cronin, who he recruited into Maynard on a debate scholarship. Darren also gave Luke amphetamines using his wife's pad to help with his performance but Luke eventually quit those.

The night after Luke lost a local tournament, he met Darren to tell him that he's quitting debate to take care of his suicidal father Stan Cronin. Darren insulted his choice and his father. Luke got angry too and he exposed that Darren lost the FTA finals not because of his debate partner's incompetence, but because of his own arrogance and temper, two things that he has not improved on. Darren lost his mind and shot Luke with Stan's gun. He then staged the whole thing as suicide.

In the epilogue, Darren was arrested and perp-walked past his former student, Alyssa Lane.