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Darnell Brent 1991
Darnell in 1991
Darnell Brent 2008
Darnell in 2008
Darnell Brent
Portrayed by Cleavon McClendon III (1991)
Adetokumboh M'Cormack (2008)
Episode True Calling
Status Alive

Darnell Brent is a character in "True Calling". He attended Reeves High School in 1991.

He admired and had a crush on one of his teachers, Laura McKinney, and it was a shock to him when she was murdered.

Darnell has also become a teacher at Reeves by 2008. He found Laura's school keys in an old drawer. Teachers couldn't leave through the side exits without the keys. Darnell went to the cold case team to with this flimsy clue and got Laura's murder reinvestigated and eventually closed. He is last seen using one of Laura's techniques, reading newspapers, to teach his class. Darnell is being observed by his former principal and now boss, Margaret Trudlow, with approval.