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Darcy in 1966
Darcy Curtis
Portrayed by Erin Chambers
Episode The Crossing
Status Deceased (1966)

Darcy Curtis is the victim in "The Crossing".


Darcy and her friend Grace Stearns boarded the SS Americana in 1966 on its last voyage to France to ditch the former's boyfriend, Henry Speck. On the ship, Darcy saw Tucker "Duke" Benton on deck and saw him go into the Captain’s Ballroom. She then caught Cotter Doyle trying to steal from her belongings and she only let him go if he helped her sneak into the Captain's Ballroom.

Darcy met Duke again and the attraction was instant. He later sent her fancy clothes and shoes before taking her out. He then proposed to her. She accepted and went to change.

Darcy headed to the engine room where Grace followed her. After declaring that she would marry Tucker instead of Henry, Grace kept muttering about her hope of her ex-husband, and Henry's cousin, Chester, coming back. Darcy reminded her friend that Chester had left her and they began to argue, which resulted in Grace pushing Darcy over a railing, killing her. Her murder was made to look like she jumped overboard.

Darcy's remains were finally found in 2009. After the case was solved, Duke imagined seeing her in the wedding dress she planned to wear when they married.