Daniela (Named at birth Edwin Castillo) was a young transgender woman from Jersey City who moved to Philadelphia. She used to hang out at the old bus depot, with her friend Marquette. According to Daniela's landlord, she had a boyfriend named Edwin who often came over and fought with her but the the landlord had never actually seen him. Later it was revealed by Daniela's mother that her name was Edwin before she started transitioning. In March 1979, she was asked by John and Chris, two high school boys, to participate in their amateur movie. Her and Chris later fell in love in spite of her difference. The day Chris was supposed to take Daniela to the prom, his Pops found out about them and forced Chris to reject Daniela. She committed suicide just before Chris came back later that night. He buried her in an unknown location and threw away her bloody clothes and rose corsage.

Eventually Lily and Scotty solved her case. Her spirit was seen by Chris and the two teens apparently danced as they wanted at their prom. Lily signed her box in her true name, "Daniela".

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