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Daniel Potter in 1973
Daniel in 1973
Daniel Potter in 2005
Daniel in 2005
Daniel Potter
Portrayed by Michael Welch (1973)
William R. Moses (2005)
Episode Honor
Status Arrested

Daniel Potter was the son of Vietnam POW Rex Potter and murderer of Carl Burton.


At some point prior to 1973, his father became a POW and sent one letter to his son. When Carl returned home, he wanted answers about his father so he would bug him at work. After throwing a rock in Carl's window he was given the bar minimum of what he wanted.

It wasn't until his father's memorial that he learned the truth from other POW: his father had been tortured and that Carl only returned home due to doing what the Vietnamese wanted. Later that evening he took some marijuana and spent time at Ken Westin's where he threw a bottle at Carl Burton. He then went after him when Carl left. In the midst of a fight, where Carl took the marijuana, he accidentally shot Carl, who sent him away prior to the man's death.

Years later, he would be arrested for the murder by the police.