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Daniel Holtz
Danny in 1964
Daniel 'Danny' Holtz
Portrayed by Patrick Macmanus
Episode A Time to Hate
Status Deceased (1964)

Daniel Holtz is the victim in A Time to Hate. He was the son of Howard Holtz (deceased in 2003) and Helen Holtz. He had a girlfriend Deborah but was also in a homosexual relationship with Henry Phillips who he called Hank. Daniel played college baseball.

One night, Daniel and Hank were walking together when they were accosted by some bigots who poured Chinese food on them. Daniel went to the police but Hank was too afraid to join. Nothing was done and Daniel was furious at Hank for not supporting him.

On September 25 1964, Daniel accidentally outed himself to the whole team who then turned against him and he was forced to quit. He went to the Hush Room, the only gay bar in Philly, but the place got raided by the police. As he escaped, he ran into the bigots again but this time he fought back. One of the bigots bludgeoned him to death with his own baseball bat. Officer Paul Nelson witnessed the crime but his partner told to turn a blind eye to it. Nelson later made an anonymous phone call pointing out where Daniel's body could be found.

In 2003, the dying Helen Holtz asked the cold case team to help close her son's case once and for all. In the end, they, Paul Nelson and Hank visit the alley where Daniel was found.