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Dana Hunter
Dana in 2004
Dana Hunter
Portrayed by Myndy Crist
Episode Factory Girls
Status Alive

Dana Hunter was a court reporter and friend of Lilly Rush. Lilly's co-worker Nick Vera was less enamored with her because Dana had covered the Gail Chimayo murder case and kept writing that Vera had no new leads.

In 2004, she wrote a story on a 60th anniversary reunion of women who had worked in factories in World War II. Dana was especially interested since her great-aunt Alice Miller was one of the workers before her death in a fall in 1943.

After speaking with Martha, one of Alice's friends, Dana began to suspect Alice's death may not have been an accident after all. She invited Lilly to meet with Martha and hear her story, which lead to a new investigation of Alice's death.

Dana assisted the investigation by digging through her attic to find Alice's diaries, which led them to another friend of Alice's named Fannie, who told them of Alice's efforts to save her cousin Ivan in Europe.

Dana was present when it was discovered that Alice had in fact been killed by her husband Nelson, who confessed to the crime.