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Crystal Eckersdorf 2005
Crystal in 2005
Crystal Eckersdorf 2006
Crystal in 2006
Crystal Eckersdorf
Portrayed by Mageina Tovah
Episode Joseph
Status Alive

Crystal was a teenager staying at the Robinson House, a rehabilitation centre for young people struggling with addiction. She was close friends with Orlando and harbored a crush on counselor Joseph Shaw.


Crystal was the first person - outside of the pair themselves - to learn about the relationship between Corey and Jane Robinson, one of the founders of the centre. Unable to sleep, Crystal went to look for Joseph to discuss her feelings for him. She stumbled across Corey and Jane kissing instead.

The next day she told Orlando what she had seen, he decided to confront Corey and attempt to blackmail the couple. As a result, Crystal blamed herself for his murder.

When the Cold Case team interview her, she is back living on the street and it is suggested that she is also back on drugs. At the end of the episode, she sees Orlando smiling down at her.