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Corey Lewis
Portrayed by Steven Grayhm
Episode Joseph
Status Arrested

Cory Lewis was arrested for stabbing Orlando, a fellow patient, to death. He was involved with Jane Robinson, one of the founders of Robinson House.


Corey did not enter Robinson House by choice and tried to punch down the door in his rage when he first arrived. When Joseph suggested he put his strength to better use by beating his addiction, this seemed to strike a chord with Corey.

Sometime into his stay at Robinson House, Corey became romantically involved with Jane Robinson. While Corey indicates that the feelings were mutual and reciprocated, as an adult in a position of power over Corey, there were certainly power imbalances between the couple and Jane was in a position to groom or exploit Corey.

Unbenownst to the couple, Crystal Eckersdorf (another teen staying at the centre), caught them kissing one evening. She told Orlando what she had seen and he confronted Corey.

To protect their relationship, Corey attacked and stabbed Orlando, who died of his wounds. Joseph witnessed the murder and Corey was arrested, with Joseph due to testify against Corey in his trial. Jane continued to visit Corey in prison and when it seemed as though she tried to distance herself from what she had done to Corey, he pointed out that other people would assume she abused him. Jane told Corey that she would deal with Joseph. She later told Corey that Joseph was dead and without the key witness to the murder, Corey was released from prison.

He finds works as a manual laborer and denies killing Orlando whenever it is brought up as he believes, like everyone else, that the one person who could identify him as the murderer is dead. When he is questioned by Rush and Valens and Joseph walks in mid-way through the questioning, Corey panics and tells them that "she" (Jane) had told him that Joseph was dealt with.